Travel Book Review: How to Travel the World on $50 a Day (Revised)

  Hailed as “The Travel Bible,” Matt Kepnes (Nomadic Matt) released a revised edition of his 2013 travel book How to Travel the World on $50 a Day in January.  Nomadic Matt is a prolific and highly respected travel blogger (ranking #1 on most travel blog rankings), and his book is a New York Times bestseller.

Kepnes travel philosophy is that long-term travel is affordable for those who know what they’re doing.  The book covers trip planning, finances, gear, accommodations, travel resources, and overviews for expected expenses for different parts of the globe.  While a lot of what he covers is information that will be familiar for his readers, if someone is looking to plan a larger trip and wants a crash course in how to plan a trip that doesn’t bankrupt them, I would highly recommend this book.  Lots of websites cover budget travel and what attractions to do and see when you get somewhere, but not many of them break down exactly how to balance everything into one bottom line number that is within reach for many.

The main theme of his book is balance.  Yes, tour the Galopogos.  But also rack up airline points so some of your flight is covered.  Yes, go snorkeling.  But also eat street food.  Cook a lot of your own meals in Europe, but don’t bother in South America.  This was really helpful both for my long-term travel plans, but I also found a lot of really great stuff for my upcoming trip to Uruguay where I’ll only be gone a week.

If there’s a Travel Blogfather, it would be Nomadic Matt.  I’m really delighted that his book was worth the $9.

Tip:  definitely get the Kindle version so you can refer back while on the road.


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