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Travel Blogs

The world is full of travel blogs. I tend to gravitate towards blogs that have a strong personal narrative and great photography. These are the travel blogs I read regularly. This list is subject to change with my reading habits.

Adventurous Kate – Kate is a New York-based American writer who focuses on solo female travel

Adventurous Miriam – Miriam is a Danish writer who focuses on travel that pushes her comfort zones

Alex in Wanderland – Alex is an American writer who has traveled full-time since 2009

Big World Small Pockets – Steph is a British writer and full-time traveler who focuses on budget travel with a bend towards outdoor adventures.

Camels & Chocolate – Kristen is a Nashville-based American journalist who focuses on lifestyle and travel

Everything Everywhere – Gary is an American travelblogger & podcaster who has traveled full-time since 2007.

Expert Vagabond – Matthew is an American writer and full-time traveler who focuses on adventure travel.

Girl Tweets World – Jayne is a Sydney-based British writer who focuses on stylish travel.

Hecktic Travels – Pat and Darlene are a Canadian couple who have traveled full-time and blogging since 2009.

Indie Traveller – Marek is a Dutch writer who focuses on independent travel.

Jungles in Paris – Jungles in Paris is a gorgeous online travel magazine focusing on unique stories.

Last Words for the Road – Lauren’s travel project where she collects quotes from fellow travelers. You can find my entry here.

Legal Nomads – Jodi is a Canadian writer and full-time traveler who focuses on food. She has been traveling full-time since 2008.

Living in Another Language – Amanda and Derik are an American couple who have traveled full-time and writing since 2012.

Melting Butter – Melting Butter is an online travel magazine focusing on international hot spots.

Neverending Footsteps – Lauren in a British writer who has traveled full-time since 2011. Beyond her travel destinations, she also focuses on traveling with anxiety.

Nomadic Matt – Matt is an Austin-based American travel writer who focuses on budget travel.

Nomadic Samuel – Samuel is a Canadian writer and full-time traveler who focuses on travel photography and videos.

Road Affair – Ben and Jazzy are an American couple who have traveled full-time since 2014 who focus on backpacking tips.

The Fourth Continent – Tanny is a Greenland-based Australian writer who focuses on life in family Greenland.

The Planet D – Dave and Deb are an American couple who focus on adventure travel. They have been traveling full-time since 2008.

The Points Guy – Brian and co. run the go-to blog for travel hacking with airline miles.

The Shooting Star – Shivya is an Indian writer who has been a full-time nomad since 2013.

Travelletes – Travelletes is a collection of female writers and photographers who blog about female travel all over the world.

Young Adventuress – Liz is an American writer who focuses on slow travel and nature travel and photography. She is based in New Zealand.


Personal Finance Blogs

The number one question I get about being able to travel full-time is “How can you afford it?” While I’ve been really blessed to have a six-figure sales career, I wasn’t fulfilled. On top of this, I made some poor decisions in my early twenties and then ignored them for years, hurting my credit. These blogs helped me fix my credit, go from living paycheck to paycheck to being able to save for a year’s worth of travel while increasing my retirement savings, and how to create a workable travel budget.

Budgets are Sexy – J. Money is a finance writer and podcaster who focuses on making personal finance accessible and cool.

Get Rich Slowly – J.D. and co. write about personal finance decisions with an eye towards small, achievable goals.

I Will Teach You to Be Rich – Ramit is a New York Times’ bestselling personal finance author who focuses on the income-generation side of personal finance.

Nerdwallet – A cohort of writers who focus on personal finance tools and hacks.

The Frugalwoods – The Frugalwoods are a couple who save 70% of their income and live lives of extreme frugality on a homestead in rural Vermont. Fun fact: they are former classmates of mine so I can vouch 100% for their taste in basketball teams.

The Simple Dollar – Trent’s blog started as a blog about his personal journey from financial meltdown to prosperity. The blog is now owned by a media company with multiple contributors.

Young Finances – LaTisha focuses on personal finances for millennials, especially those in their early twenties starting their careers.


Happiness & Lifestyle Blogs

Choosing to live the best version of your life doesn’t just happen. It takes mindfulness and decisiveness. These blogs cover various topics that have helped me formulate a life and career that are personally fulfilling versus simply fulfilling expectations.

Gretchen Rubins – Gretchen is a New York Times’ bestselling author and podcaster who focuses on happiness. Her book changed my life.

Penelope Trunk – Penelope is a writer and coach who focuses on career advice.

Unclutterer – Jacki & co. write about organization. This blog helped me reconsider my relationship to stuff and go from hoarder to minimalist to now super minimalist.

Zen Habits – Leo writes about simplicity and mindfulness. Honestly, most of this goes way too far for me. But the stuff that resonates really sticks.


Marketing & Writing Blogs

These are the blogs I turn to for advice and pressure on upping my social media and marketing game for both this blog and in my social media consulting. A lot of these are by marketing software companies-don’t let that scare you. They are at the forefront of their industry and produce amazing and valuable content.

Buffer – the social media blog by the folks who created Buffer, the social media scheduler

CoSchedule – an awesome social media and content creation blog by the creators of the CoSchedule social media and blog organization platform.

Fascinate – Sally writes about branding. Her book Fascinate changed my life. This blog is extra content around the same theories.

HubSpot Marketing Blog – A first class marketing blog by the HubSpot software company.

Moz – A great SEO and online marketing blog by Moz software.

ProBlogger – A blog about going from hobby blogger to professional.

Travel Blog Success – The great blog about travel blogging by the folks who run Travel Blog Success. I am a member of TBS and their courses have been a huge help to me.

Without Bullshit – Josh writes about a myriad of topics, but his central theme is how to improve your business writing.


I read each of these blogs. From time to time, I’ll get an email asking to add a blog to the list. If that’s what you’re looking for, send me an email with the link to gothreetwentyfour@gmail.com. I’ll check it out. If I get hooked, I’ll be happy to add it. I’m always looking for new and interesting blogs that fit into these categories.