Things that Caught My Eye this Week: The I’m Going to Uruguay! Edition

“Five Things I’ve Learned from Watching Tiny House Nation (Apartment Therapy)  I love Tiny House Nation!  And while a traveling caravan wouldn’t meet my exact travel goals (more interested in being able to get from continent to continent than travel around one area), what travel heart can’t see the beauty in something you can wake up in on the Pacific one day and take to Shenandoah a week later?

“Many Americans Don’t Get Recommended Vaccines Before Travel” (Live Science)   Ah, looks like I’m guilty too!  I didn’t get the hepatitis A vaccine before going to Mexico in January.  According to this article, there was a hepatitis outbreak near where I was staying while I was there!  I didn’t even look up vaccines before that trip since I’d been to Mexico before.  And it’s been a while since I got necessary booster shots.  Not a good move, Stephanie!  I’m going to be vigilant from now on.  Look up health recommendations from the CDC (here).

“8 Tips for Posting Better Instagram Travel Pics” (The Huffington Post)  I started using a new instagram this week (@gothreetwentyfour).  My private account is locked and I will maintain it for family.  Some of these tips were really helpful.

“Winter Sun Seeker:  Where to go in December” (The Telegraph)  Happy to see Uruguay on the list (I’ll be there the last week of November).  I’m looking forward to the sunshine!

“How to Make Money as a Blogger” (Forbes) This article includes an interesting survey and a discussion of the differences between part-time and full-time bloggers.

And if you’re like me right now, currently saving up for your next big adventure, here are “Seven Shows on TV Right Now to Feed Your Wanderlust”

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