Things that Caught My Eye this Week: The Spa Weekend, Please Edition

World’s Best Awards:  Top Destination Spas (Travel + Leisure)  I was in hardcore fantasy planning mode yesterday and the topic was unaffordable spa weekends. I spent WAY TOO MUCH time drooling over this list.  The Lodge at Woodloch is only about two hours from me right now…
Isabella: Warrior Queen (  File this one under things that caught my ear.  I finished the audio version of Kristin Downey’s biography of Isabella of Castille over the weekend.  I was familiar with Queen Isabella from the usual places-Christopher Columbus, mother of Catherine of Aragon, the Inquisition, etc.  However, I was shocked at how little I really knew about her unlikely rise to power or the details of her reign.  Bonus, the itinerant queen and her court never stayed in one place too long, so this also plays as an ode to the Spanish countryside.  Spanish geography knowledge a plus, but not a prerequisite.

Holbein at the Tudor Court” (In Our Time)  Another one sourced by my ears and not my eyes.  The latest episode of Melvin Bragg’s In Our Time focuses on Hans Holbein the Younger’s role as the King’s Painter to King Henry VIII and his role in Henry’s second divorce from his fourth wife Anne of Cleves. Also covered are Holbein’s ties to Erasmus, Sir Thomas More, and Thomas Cromwell.

Gilmore Girls will Return for a New Season on Netflix (Vanity Fair)  I am freaking out.

The World’s Lonliest ATM is in Antartica (Mental Floss)  Good to know…

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