Things that Caught My Eye: The Reliving My Puerto Rico Vacation Edition



A Sunbathing Iguana

Puerto Rico Seriously Has is All (Adventurous Kate) I keep reliving my time in PR in January in my head–and I still can’t get over how awesome it was.  I mentioned that I picked it because the friend I went with didn’t have a passport, but I’m so glad we went! One of my favorite travel bloggers, Adventurous Kate, writes up her trip and comes to similar conclusions.

My pics from my visit to Old San Juan I had no idea before I got there how gorgeous Puerto Rico is!

Luquillo, Puerto Rico:  Taking in the Sunset at the Capital of the Sun Besides beautiful beaches, PR has purple sunsets!

A Trip through Colombia in 1 Minute (youtube) Love the video and completely digging the music!

How Capicola Became Gabagool: The Italian New Jersey Accent, Explained (Atlas Obscura) As a Philadelphian by way of the Midwest, I spent a lot of time pondering this accent during the seven years I lived in South Philly, one of Philly’s proudest Italian neighborhood.

The Unlikely Relaxation of Watching 6000 Matches Burn (Kottke) Wowzers Penny!

Yes, You Can Take your Pet on Vacation (Budget Travel)  Some great tips here, including print out a picture of your pet just in case!

Tips for Flying with Your Dog My play-by-play from last month on air travel with dogs.

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