Things that Caught My Eye: The Countdown to London Edition

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My ticket to see Shakespeare at the Globe!


I’m a week away from leaving for a ten-day stint in London that’s a 60/40 work/travel split.  I’m so excited!  Ticket and half of the food and hotel are covered for business. I bought a ticket to see The Winter’s Tale at the Globe and booked a sweet artist apartment on AirBnB for the nights not covered by work.  As I oscillate between totally over-planning sightseeing and a desire to stop and just wing it (except for the afore-mentioned play, obviously), here are some London and some non-London things I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this week.


This awesome TV Map of London (  For part of my time, I’m staying two towns over from Slough (of The Office fame).  I’m quite excited to geek out in front of a drab slough office building.  (And yes, and a Pennsylvanian, I have geeked out in front of drab Scranton office buildings too).

Everything You’ve Ever wanted to Know about ‘Ghost Writer’ (Atlas Obscura)  If you also looooooved the PBS show Ghost Writer in the early 90’s, here’s 2000ish words to make your heart sing on everything from Ghost Writer’s origin story, to Samuel L. Jackson’s appearance in the pilot, to the crazy fashion, it’s all there.

How Much Does it Cost to Travel the World for a Year? My 2015 Expenses (Never-ending Footsteps) This travel blog is one I added to my blogroll this week. It’s so good.  A casual drop of the phrase “everyone saw my vagina” on a separate, random post, combined with Lauren’s attention to detail on the planning/finance side and I was hooked. (h/t Nomadic Matt)

The Fourth Continent Since Greenland is 100% on my top 25 bucket list, I needed a go to Greenland travel blog (for realz, people).  Loving this site, including posts on Danes being Nicer in Greenland (although I’ve never met a mean Dane…)

2016 Goal: How to Do the Splits ( Submitted without comment.

Mystery of Easter Island Inhabitants Deepens ( Forget everything you know about the long-disappeared society that left the mysterious Moai behind.


What have you been into lately?





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