My 37 Favorite Travel Memes

I’m in a whole lot of Facebook groups about travel (they’re a great way to get tips and meet cool people). But it’s also a great way to get a Facebook feed chock full of travel memes-yay! I’ve found myself saving more of them than usual lately-way too many to post on just my Facebook page.

Which means…round-up post of my favorite travel memes! Hurray!

General Wanderlust

Wanderlust Travel Meme
Yes, please!


Travel Memes
I would replace #5 with Diet Coke, but the rest is accurate.


Girls Travel Meme
Life IS about choices.


Travel Meme


Travel Meme
The Dart has Spoken

Preparing for Your Trip

Flight Travel Meme
I prefer to think of myself as the Queen of Skyscanner


Flight Travel Meme
Or a good app


Travel Meme
This is 100% how I am. Every time. Still.


Packing Travel Meme
I’m working on getting better.

At the Airport

Airport Security Meme
Or maybe little bottles of shampoo are free ballin’ instead of in a convenient ziplock


Airport Security Travel Meme
I mean, duh.


Airport Security Travel Meme
Why does that always happen to me?


Airport Security Travel Meme
I’ve never thought about this before, but mind blown.


Airport Travel Meme
I’ve literally been asked to move 2 lbs from one checked bag to the other.


Airport Travel Meme
I mean, we’ve all been there.


Flight Travel Meme

En Route

Road Trip Travel Meme
I’m also usually covered in visible drool.


Africa Travel Meme
I wish!


Airplane Travel Meme
Every. Single. Time.


Road Trip Meme
Sometimes it’s 12…


Airplane Travel Meme
Call them back! Get yo sandwich.


Airplane Travel Memes
Every Bridesmaids meme is a good meme.


Hotel Travel Meme
Yeah, I used to have an organized closet full of them. #nojoke


Solo Travel

Solo Travel Meme
It’s a relationship status unto itself.



Solo Travel Meme
(William Wallace voice) FREEEEEEEDOM!


Solo Travel Meme
Travel Meme
Just me, myself, and I.


On Your Trip

Disney World Travel Meme
God I hope it didn’t come to that.


Travel Meme
Love taking silly pics.


Travel Meme
Yeah, but that means I won.
Travel Meme
It’s like physics or something.


Foreign Language Travel Meme

When It’s Over

Travel Meme
The last day is so harsh.


Travel Meme
When you’re family has really missed you.

Travel Finances

Travel Money Meme
I mean, no, it’s a complicated system of work combined with privilege and luck, and ugh it’s a lifestyle choice I’ve made, and ugh it’s complicated. Don’t look at me.


Travel Money Meme
A battle I have never won.


Travel Budget Meme
I never do…


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My 37 Favorite Travel Memes
My 37 Favorite Travel Memes

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