Stephanie Craig in Rio de Janeiro in July, 2015
Me (Stephanie Craig) in Rio de Janeiro in July, 2015

My name is Stephanie Craig, and I have a travel addiction. I travel full-time because when I don’t, I want to chew my arm off. That’s not normal.

A newly-minted divorcee in my early thirties, I am currently on a quest to visit all 324 (now 325) countries on the Travelers’ Century Club list. Check on this explanation on my travel goals and my travel schedule.

This is an ambitious goal. It would seem overwhelming if I was trying to get everywhere quickly. My guess is it will take me thirty years. I love slow travel. Right now I’m traveling full-time (with my dog Lucy), and we’re camping out in each city for about a month.

I write about my passions: urban travel, arts and culture, how to travel well, historic sites, and the occasional personal updates. In addition, I have been an avid amateur photographer since I bought my first DSLR in  2007, and I love sharing photo essays and collections from the places I visit.

Life is a series of adventures. In my career, I’ve been a Teach For America corp member teaching math in Philadelphia, a President’s Club award-winning inside sales executive and manager, and now a social media consultant and travel blogger. If you’re interested in my career, here is my LinkedIn page.

I publish here three times a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays)

You can also find me on social media, where I’m active daily:

InstagramGoThreeTwentyFour – I post 2+ per day. Photos usually from that day or the few days before depending on where I am in the world. I’m pretty sure they invented instagram stories so I’d have a place to post pics of my dog being a sassmonster.  Also behind the scenes on travel and blog life.

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PinterestGoThreeTwenty4 – My favorite boards right now that I’m working on are plus size travel fashion and curvy girl travel inspiration. Plus whatever countries I’m in, going to next, or drooling about.

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SnapChat – More pics of my dog being mean to me in foreign countries. Plus behind the scenes updates and daily travel locations.

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