8 Things to Do on Gozo in Malta

Gozo is the smaller of the two main islands of Malta and is home to less than forty thousand people.  Here are eight things to do if you decide to stay on this lovely little country island.

Venture to Dwerja Bay to see the Azure Window and Fungus Rock

The Azure Window
The Azure Window

This is the most famous tourist destination on the island.  Considered unstable, the beautiful Azure Window is expected to fall apart in the next few years, so visit soon!

Fungus Rock
Fungus Rock

When visiting the Azure Window, make sure to turn around and check out the fantastic Fungus Rock.

Climb up to Calypso’s Cave

Calypso's Cave
Calypso’s Cave

Maltese tradition states that this little cave is the place where Calypso held Odysseus prisoner for seven years before he escaped to be with his wife Penelope.  Accessible via a staircase with views of the Mediterranean and Ramla Bay.

Swim at Ramla Bay

Rama Bay
Ramla Bay

Gozo has a few different bays perfect for swimming.  Ramla Bay is right next to Calypso’s Cave.  There is a stand for snacks if you plan on staying long, and the water was not rocky like it can be at other places in Malta.  The calm waves and gorgeous light make this a great place to spend an afternoon.

Dine at Ta’ Frenc

So yummy.
So yummy.

It’s universally renowned as the best restaurant in the country, and it lived up to it.  Focusing on the traditional cuisine of Gozo, the menu is full of quail, rabbit, and lamb.

Explore the Megalithic Temple of Ġgantija

Entrance to the main temple of Ġgantija
Entrance to the main temple of Ġgantija

Malta is home to several neolithic, megalithic temples which together comprise one UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The oldest is Ġgantija, which is older than the Egyptian pyramids, and it is the second oldest man-made religious structure.

Visit the Citadel in Victoria

The Gozo Cathedral in the Citadel in Victoria
The Cathedral of the Assumption in the Citadel in Victoria

The citadel has a storied history of protecting the citizens of Gozo until the fifteen century when they were overtaken by the Ottoman Turks.  The citadel complex includes the Cathedral of the Assumption, several chapels, the court, the Old Prison, and several museums.  The view from the top of the walls is worth the climb.

View from the Citadel
View from the Citadel

Wander through Gozo’s many Churches

Ta' Pinu National Shrine
Ta’ Pinu National Shrine

Roman Catholicism is the state religion of Malta, and as such there are churches and religious building everywhere.  A trip around the island will result in coming across countless chapels and churches, most of which are free to visit or cost a few euros.

A church on Gozo
A church on Gozo

I spent an afternoon driving around and visiting different ones that caught my eye.  Full of beautiful paintings and artwork, they are more humble than the more visited cathedrals, but worth the effort to visit.

Stroll Marsalforn Bay

Marsalforn Bay
Marsalforn Bay

With many restaurants, a promenade, and a small harbor full of boats, Marsalforn Bay is a beautiful place to spend an evening looking out on the water while eating dinner or taking a post-meal stroll.  It’s a peaceful place to unwind and appreciate how special Gozo is.





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